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How To Distinguish Between Registered Nurse And Nurse Practitioner

Do you plan to have a career in nursing? If so, you this article will help you a great deal. You see, numerous terms seem to refer to the same thing, and it is essential that you get to distinguish them. And more importantly, you should be able to single out the duties of every nurse in the medical arena.

For instance, the similarities and the difference that exist between a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner. Read on and understand some of the major difference between a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner. Read on and determine the one that will match what you are passionate about when it comes to career choices.

To begin with; we will look at the training requirements. Majority of the registered nurses will undergo a four year course and obtain a bachelor’s degree, but still, one can get by with a 2-year associate degree. There were approximately 2.74 million registered nurses in the US by 2015.

Conversely, all nurse practitioners always have master’s degree or even Ph.D. holders. That is why they are scarce – accounting for approximately 234,000 NPs in the whole of the United States. Nurse practitioners have more roles, and that explains that extended period of studies.

When it comes to working environment, you will find that most registered nurses work in either hospital or a surgical clinic. The reason as to why this is so is that patients in these facilities require care for almost the whole day. Additionally, registered nurses may work for more varied hours and even take up more responsibilities than the nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners often work in private clinics and more specialized medical facilities such as the government agencies. They are needed here because they have unique skills and training that registered nurses do not have. What is more, most of the nurse practitioners are absorbed in educational settings and non-profit organizations.

Salary is also another major difference. Registered nurses are offered a median salary of $68,450 each year. One of the biggest benefits with being a registered nurse is that your salaries will keep increasing each year. Nurse practitioners will earn at least $100,000 annually.

Registered nurses do not enjoy the autonomy the nurse practitioners do. The RNs may execute simple tests and even care for the patient, but it is the medical doctor in charge who will make the final diagnosis, determine the course of treatment and prescribe the medication. Nurse practitioners, on the other hand, have more suppleness and control as far as patient care services are concerned since they have the required qualifications. These medical professionals can see patients, diagnose, prescribe medications, execute examinations as well as highlight follow up.

You need not be worried about the future of the career you are choosing; as a matter of fact, healthcare is one area that is increasing each year.