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Having a Gun Argument? Consider These Quotes.

I am sure we all know at least one anti-gun person and loving to argue is a common trait among these people. As much as pro-gun people defend their ideas, you will never find them shading a tear about it. More likely than not, you will encounter them giving out some of their best pro-gun saying and quotes.

It is not fun to state statistics such as high murder rates are witnessed in states with high gun control. Winning an argument feels great but pushing someone’s buttons is more interesting.

The number of funny gun quotes are so many, you cannot exhaust them. The below gun quotes can in-handy someday.

The first joke is by Rudyard Kipling, in this quote he says a man can never have too much wine, too many books or too much ammunition.

A quote by Charley says believing in the right life involves having a means to defend it.

Lynn says the reason she would carry a pistol is to defend herself and not to impose her will on other people.

Cooper believes unarmed man cannot be able to overcome evil by freeing from it.
Instead of regretting it is better to have your gun with you.

The sixth gun quote is from Karl Denninger which says that I am a first responder, because the other choice is to be the first victim.

People pose danger to themselves by believing they can try and reason with evil.

The choices we have in most cases are either to avoid, run, de-escalate or fight.

All people excluding some government officials are a militia.

Webster supports guns by saying the supreme power of the US should not enforce unjust laws.

There is also a quote from Massad Ayoob, he believes that the only way to make sure a gun will always be there when you need is by always carrying it.

This quotes shows the need for one to have a gun at all times.

Charlie Crist also has a quote on guns, where he clearly states he is pro-life, family, gun and business.

One is comfortable having a gun either on their hand or around them, this is what Matt believes in.

The last quote is from Malcom X, where he says the constitution of the United States of America allows every citizen to bear arms, he believes Americans should not give up a right given to them by the constitution.

In case you are having an argument with someone on guns, feel free to use the above quotes. We have more quotes in our platform that you can have a look at. This website has top rated gun accessories that you can look at.