On Guides: My Thoughts Explained

The Agape Love from a concerned Mum

I always work from a certain point without getting to travel therefore when I got a call to travel I didn’t think twice. Getting a new fresh air would give someone a new life to say the least. One should always strive to travel since it would help in relaxation of the mind. Having two kids to take care of is a bit hard and would require much attention making it nearly impossible to check oncoming emails and attend some conferences. This would be hard for most people but I have juggled through this tight schedule and made the impossible possible by making the fact that I have children not deter me from the various work commitments that I have. Always plan on the day before venturing aimlessly and be sure to make it a priority. This opportunity to travel gave me a new lease to life. The zeal overcame me and I therefore happened to book a flight from the nearest airport that I could find and booked the best hotel I could find. I took my children to my parents who I couldn’t bear to hide the news from.

My parents are probably the kindest people yet. They are nice towards other people and positive thinking always. Of the very many high school friends I have none of them have ever returned to the town besides me where I planted trees which are two miles ahead. My siblings who are not as far less older than I am have made great tides and are doing quite good to say the least. I felt like shouting at them my new chance to travel and see the world on the pretext of working. She was bitter due to the fact that I would be all lone in this expedition. The prospects of being driven by a total stranger also perplexed her. The fact that she didn’t know how it worked made her even more irritated.

I became a bit silent since I wouldn’t know how to explain how certain things that are new to my parents work. This prompt me to keep at it quite and save my excitement since I didn’t want to go further about the trip which would have led my mum to be inquisitive. Every daughter has undergone the quiet stage where you don’t know what to say in the long run. As soon as we were leaving she told me as a mum she needs to ensure that am safe and then and there I knew she meant it. Then I began thinking about my children and as a mother what I would do to always be with them for the most part of my life.