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Importance of Pen Pals to Inmates.

There are many drug addicts in the world and many of them are behind bars. Moving on, there are people who are incarcerated dealing with different kinds of struggles. Spending days and nights locked in a cage is not fun at all and when there are free citizens to show these people that they matter to the society and the world at large then it will be easy to rehabilitate them. Many of those who are incarcerated spend time with are other inmates who may not be the most positive people in the world. Pen pals provide a channel through with those who are free and can help the prisoners not lose hope . Because of desperation, some inmates may rush to asking you for help with their legal situation, money or even gifts but the prison system does not approve of this. Your main goal should be to develop a friendship with the particular inmate which can be a channel for providing hope.

Do this as a group if you are comfortable initiating the conversation alone. A great group to join in doing this is the community and church inmate pen pal projects because there is a facilitator who will be handling the mailing for you.Be sure to ask about the crime the inmate is in for so that you can assess your feelings towards interacting with him or her. If you have strong feelings against the crime the person has committed, you need to sort through them because even those who are judged harshly by the society can easily change when they are shown some degree of understanding and acceptance. However, you need to avoid inmates who show no remorse for the crimes they have committed because they may end up putting you through too much emotional stress.

You ought to tread carefully when you find yourself getting attached to inmate more than being a pen pal friend. Some inmates will have sad tales but remember it is not your job to fix what is wrong with them but rather support them through what they are going through because once you take up their suffering you will be treading on dangerous waters. If you realize that the relationship is getting out of hand, find a qualified person to help you sort through the issues and realize what matters. What you should remember is that not everyone locked up in the prison is evil and some of the inmates show great remorse for their wrongs which means with proper support, encouragement and help they will end up making the wrong choice.