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Importance of Summer Camps

Camps are temporary structures built by travelers, tourists or displaced people who are in foreign places. Camps are not permanently built and will give shelter for a limited time before people move to new places or go back home. Summer camps are supervised youth programs done during the summer season in the countries close to the tropics. They involve academic learning, social teachings, talent nurturing and co-curriculum activities. People who go for summer camps get a lot of life skills and amusement as a result of the many activities in summer camps. Church organizations and NGOs provide free summer camps while other organizations ask for little money to attend the camps. An attendee is supposed to carry his or her personal effect to be used during the short period he will spend in the summer camp. Below are benefits of a summer camp.

Social skills are nurtured in social camps. Summer camp attendees from various backgrounds do various assignments and duties together. This makes communication and socializing skills better. For instance, counselors will assign a task to a group of attendees from different races. The attendees must co-operate and socialize well so that the task is done in time. Good socializing skills results to a smooth and enjoyable living.

Summer camps make children and adolescents more independent. Parents do not go to summer camps with their children. Children thus perform activities and plan duties without assistance from the parents. Programs in summer camps operate on timetables. The timetable facilitates the attendees plan their activities and make their own firm decisions.

Good nutrition is taught in the camps. In summer camps, nutrition education is carried out in order to teach the attendees the best eating behaviors for a healthy living. The balanced diet given to the teenagers in summer camps enables them to drop their bad eating habits. Summer camps are suitable for obese children. The carrying out of different camp activities will facilitate the shedding of weight, therefore, becoming healthier.

Summer camps help in the establishment of healthy relationships. Plenty of free time and involvement in different activities facilitates finding friends and establishing relationships. Youth will also learn and understand new culture of different people. The playing of musical instruments, exchange of ideas, cracking of jokes and participating in sports in summer camps renders the teenagers capable of establishing good relationships. True friends are important in life because they boost confidence, happiness and may provide assistance when has a problem.

In conclusion, so as to improve the social skills of the youth, parents must take their children to summer camps during school vacations.

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